MY FIRST FILM - A young filmmaker recounts the story of making her first feature in Zia Anger’s deeply personal examination of cinema, body, truth and storytelling.

Director:Zia Anger 
Riel Roch Decter, Taylor Shung, Emma HannawayComposer :
Perfume Genius

World Premiere:2024 CPH:DOX (Next Wave)

COLD WALLET - A team of Redditors lose everything after a cryptocurrency scam leads them to plot to kidnap the "financial influencer" who screwed them over.

Director:Cuttier Hodierne
Executive Producers:
Derek McMurtry, Justin Staple, Raul Castillo, Melonie Diaz, Tony Cavalero, Josh Brener, Leo Matchett, Michael Musante, Matt Miller
Producers: Cutter Hodierne, John Hibey, Benjamin Wiessner
World Premiere:2024 SXSW Film Festival (Narrative Spotlight)

GOOD ONE - During a weekend backpacking trip in the Catskills, 17-year-old Sam navigates the clash of egos between her father and his oldest friend.

Director:India Donaldson
Executive Producer:
Sarah Winshall
Producers: Diana Irvine, Graham Mason, Wilson Cameron
Composer: Celia Hollander

International Premiere: 
2024 Cannes Film Festival (Directors’ Fortnight)
U.S. Premiere:2024 Sundance Film Festival (U.S. Dramatic Competition)
Distributor:Metrograph Pictures

- Lucy has a complicated relationship with her dysfunctional family, but when her mother disappears on Christmas Eve, she must bring her family back together whether she knows it or not.

Directors: Caroline Keene & Dan Kennedy
Executive Producer:
Alan Pierson
Producers: Dan Kennedy, Krista Minto, Jamieson Shea, Genevieve Skehan

Distributor: Freestyle Digital Media

unveils the true story of The Unarius Academy of Science, a long-running extraterrestrial-channeling spiritual school in El Cajon, California that in the late 1970s became a wildly prolific filmmaking and art collective under the direction of outlandish spiritual leader and visionary filmmaker Ruth E. Norman, AKA “Archangel Uriel.”

Director: Jodi Wille
Executive Producers: 
XTR (Bryn Mooser, Kathryn Everett), Diorama Media (Matt Perniciaro), Lord Miller (Phil Lord & Christopher Miller), Josh Braun (Submarine), Thalia Mavros (The Front), Rob Ganger, SpectreVision (Lawrence Ingle, Daniel Noah & Elijah Wood)
Producer: Caryn Capotosto
Composer: Mary Lattimore

World Premiere: 2023 Beyond Fest

- Two decades ago, the groundbreaking film THE AGGRESSIVES showcased the remarkable stories of Chin, Octavio, Trevon, and Kisha — a watershed moment of visibility for masc-presenting BIPOC individuals that gave voice to a community that hadn’t seen themselves authentically represented in cinema before. Now, nearly 20 years later, the same four protagonists reunite to reflect on their past and envision new futures.

Director: Daniel Peddle
Executive Producers:
Robert A. Maylor, Tiq Milan, Stephen Friedman, Jacqueline Woodson, Kristen Wolf, Gerald Herman
Producer: Wellington Love
Composer: Aidan Salier

World Premiere: 2023 Newfest (Documentary Centerpiece)
Distributor: Showtime

- A year after her boyfriend dies from gun violence, a young woman prepares to graduate high school as she navigates an uncertain future alongside a community that is searching for ways to heal.

Writer/Director:Hannah Peterson
Executive Producers:Chloé Zhao, Kara Durrett, John Cho, Meena Harris, Juliet Liu
Producers:Josh Peters, Saba Zerehi, Taylor Shung, Jessamine Burgum
Composer:Andrew Orkin

World Premiere: 2023 Tribeca Film Festival (Winner: Best Cinematography)

 follows a woman as she readjusts to normalcy after a kidnapping. Her sense of reality begins to deteriorate when she travels to her husband's family compound.

Writer/Director: Olivia West Lloyd
Executive Producers:Mollye Asher, Mynette Louie, Derek Nguyen, Philip Erdoes, Steven H. Stodghill, David Kiger, Stephen Best, Andy Youmans
Producers:Taylor Ava Shung, Emma Hannaway, Eamon Downey
Composer: Ariel Marx

World Premiere:2023 Tribeca Film Festival
Vertical Entertainment

 - After basketball practice one night, Genevieve reveals a dark secret to her teammates about their coach. Wielding her strategy and grit off the court, Genevieve works together with her teammates to find a way to retaliate.

Writer/Director: Hannah Peterson
Executive Producers:Jennifer Goodridge
Producers: Alex Coco, Manoj Sharma, Taylor Shung
Composer: Ian Colletti

World Premiere: 2022 Sundance Film Festival