unveils the true story of The Unarius Academy of Science, a long-running extraterrestrial-channeling spiritual school in El Cajon, California that in the late 1970s became a wildly prolific filmmaking and art collective under the direction of outlandish spiritual leader and visionary filmmaker Ruth E. Norman, AKA “Archangel Uriel.”

Director: Jodi Wille
Executive Producers: 
XTR (Bryn Mooser, Kathryn Everett), Diorama Media (Matt Perniciaro), Lord Miller (Phil Lord & Christopher Miller), Josh Braun (Submarine), Thalia Mavros (The Front), Rob Ganger, SpectreVision (Lawrence Ingle, Daniel Noah & Elijah Wood)
Producer: Caryn Capotosto
Composer: Mary Lattimore

World Premiere: 2023 Beyond Fest